Hi All! We are all getting a little weary now and wondering when all will go back to normal.  Hopefully soon!!!!! It’s important that we keep our day as active and positive as we possibly can.

Remember to keep washing your Hands 👌. Social distance of 2 metres when out. Stay with your family unit 👨👩👧

Limit your tech time (iPads, phones etc) believe me I know it’s hard when they are glued to your hands. 🙈

Do something nice for yourself, Have a bubbly bath, read a book, listen to music 🎶

Talk to your keyworker. We are contactable at Deonach on 01  4270600 and on mobile phones 📞

Try keep as much structure to your day as you possibly can. 💚💜

A nice walk in morning🚶‍♀️. Learn to bake a cake 🎂. Try to cook and eat healthy 🍏🍈🥕. Do some yoga and stretching 🤸‍♂️. Read a good book 📚. Watch a movie 🎥

Call us if you need to talk. Stay in touch. Remember we will get through this if we stick together. 👩👨👧👩🎓👩

Stay safe